Measurement Volunteers Needed

Posted on 08/22/14 No Comments

The Snipe Western Hemisphere and Orient (WH&O) Championships are coming quickly it’s time to get the final plans in place to pull off this great regatta.  The Chief Measurer for this event, Gus Wirth, is tasked with allowing only Real Snipes ™ to participate. To that end, Gus and a team of volunteers, will have to get 50 boats measured over the course of the three days before the event, 5-7 September.

This is a call for volunteers to help out with the Measurement!

The Measurement team will be checking:   Bare hull weight, Rudder weight, Pole length, Mast and boom band marks (spacing), Dagger board, Sails, Safety equipment.

There are five 4-hour time blocks for measurement, according to the Notice of Race:
> Friday 0800-1200, 1300-1700
> Saturday 0800-1200, 1300-1700
> Sunday 0800-1300

There will be three measurement stations: weights, sails, mast/boom. The measurements are all simple with go/no-go parameters. The weights are handled by a digital scale and the measurements are done by matching a template. If it’s within the lines it’s good.

Are you able to volunteer? Volunteers get a shirt, lunch, and a chance to check out all the tricked out Snipes. You can volunteer for a single time block or a whole day(s). Friday is probably going to be a tough day to fill but if you need an excuse from work you could call it International Business Development.

Email Gus directly your preferred times or with any questions. Kids, Junior Sailors, Sea Scouts, etc. are welcome too!